Recently we were given the opportunity to have a hands on experience with the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite and it provided quite the experience.

From the durability and adjustability, all the way to the design, the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite is not to be missed.

The stand can hold a gear shifter, racing wheel and pedals avoiding the dangers of flimsy tables using a strong base to withstand the forces from both the wheel, and the racer.

I found myself enjoying the stand, finding it easy to manoeuvre, however a defining feature that should not be forgotten is its design, allowing it to fit into many spaces. Personally, I live within a small house, meaning there is little to no room for a racing simulator, however, this stand provides the perfect design for it simply slips in under my table, meaning it takes up little to no space within my room.

Not only this but it also provides adjustable nozzles to increase or decrease the height of the stand, allowing it to fit into many spaces, and even be used by people of many ages.

Next Level Racing have been around for a while now and much like the rest of their range the Next Level Wheel Stand Lite is well built and a worthy addition to your Racing setup especially if space is limited or if you are on a limited Budget.

Please note the Gearbox Mount as pictured is a optional Extra.

Please note this product was provided by Pagnianimports for Review

Next Level Wheel Stand Lite Review

Reviewed by Aaron Tynan

For more information on The Next Level Wheel Stand lite or any other Next Level products please follow the link below.

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